The Medal of Honor video game series first hit stores in 1999 solely for the PlayStation console. Since its inception, there have been sequels manufactured across various gaming systems as well as for the PC and Macintosh. These games are set in World War II and provide the gamer with the best experience when it comes to fighting in combat scenarios against World War II enemies. The games could be played in single player mode, multiplayer mode, or online multiplayer mode. Now the games are available on Xbox 360, Xbox, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, GameCube, Wii and Game Boy Advance.

The Medal of Honor series has been สล็อต going strong since 1999 and the latest game was released in 2007. There were two Medal of Honor Collections released in March of 2007, one for the computer and one for the PlayStation console. The collection for the computer included three games; Metal of Honor: Allied Assault, Metal of Honor: Pacific Assault, and Metal of Honor: Airborne. The collection for the PlayStation console included three games; Metal of Honor: Frontline, Metal of Honor: Rising Sun, and Metal of Honor: European Assault. This video game series is so popular that it received an award from the Guinness World Records. The series was awarded with the world record for the “Best Selling First Person Shooter Series,” which was published in the Guinness World Records: Gamer Edition 2008.

The creator of the series is famed movie director Steven Spielberg and the publisher of the games is Electronic Arts.

What makes these games so popular is that they are easy to figure out and are not that difficult to play when it comes to performing missions. You play as an allied combatant, who fights for the United States, and you use weapons that are customary to the World War II time period. Another feature that makes these games so popular with gamers of all ages is the fact that the violence is not over the top. When you are shot, or an enemy soldier is shot, there is no excessive blood, guts, or gore shown. Instead, the character shot falls to the ground and dies easily. This feature makes the game easy to play for even young gamers since they would not be seeing extreme gore like some of the video games on the market today.

When playing games in the Medal of Honor series the gamer can choose to play the game in the competitive mode or just bumble around in the game checking out everything. If you decide to play the game in multiplayer mode you can face off against your opponent, whether in your house or on the internet. When you play against your opponent, you can setup a series of arenas where you must find your opponent and kill him or her. The game keeps a running tally of how many kills each person has and at the end of the game, the person with the most kills wins. When you set up the multiplayer mode you can decide how long to fight against your opponent.